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(courts have not hesitated to take action when public defender programs fail to represent their clients in a timely manner; the military appellate courts should be no less diligent in protecting the rights of convicted service members).

(unlike the civilian criminal justice system, the Courts of Criminal Appeals have unique fact finding authority, and that aspect of a service member’s case is not concluded until that review is completed; the nature of this review calls for, if anything, even greater diligence and timeliness than is found in the civilian system).

(the fact remains that through ten enlargements of time, petitioner’s first appellate defense counsel did not look at the substance of petitioner’s case and did not know when she would be able to do so; the appointment of a new appellate defense counsel did not rectify this problem, because that attorney concedes that he will not be able to look at the case in the foreseeable future; we reject any suggestion that institutional vigilance is evident in this case or that vigilance has been applied to ensure that petitioner receives the rights he is entitled to under Article 66 and Article 70).

(it is disingenuous for the government to argue that petitioner has not made a colorable claim of any possibility of relief, when the system that the government controls has to date deprived petitioner of the timely assistance of counsel that would enable him to perfect and refine the legal issues he has asserted).

(given that over 900 days have passed since sentencing and petitioner's appellate counsel have not even commenced an initial review of his record of trial, despite petitioner's desire that they do so, petitioner is not being afforded an appellate review of his findings and sentence that comports with the requirements of Article 66 and Article 70; these rights must be recognized, enforced, and protected by the government, by the appellate attorneys, by the Court of Criminal Appeals, and by this Court; the right to a timely appellate review in the military justice system is no less important and no less a protection than its counterpart in the civilian criminal justice system; petitioner's case illustrates that nothing has been done so far to respect or ensure his right to timely review of his findings and sentence).

United States v. Bigelow , 57 MJ 64 (a 244-day delay between trial and the convening authority’s action was neither unexplained nor inordinate, given the unusual circumstances in this case, which included: that the trial participants were assigned to three different bases in three different countries in Europe; that the record was lengthy – four volumes, totaling 593 pages; and that, apparently from the number of times the military judge returned the record, the record contained numerous errors).

United States v. Tardif , 57 MJ 219 (a Court of Criminal Appeals has authority under Article 66(c), UCMJ, 10 USC § 866(c), to grant appropriate relief for unreasonable and unexplained post-trial delays; this authority under Article 66(c) is distinct from the court’s authority under Article 59(a), UCMJ, 10 USC § 859(a), to overturn a finding or sentence “on the ground of an error of law”; and the court’s authority to grant relief under Article 66(c) does not require a predicate holding under Article 59(a) that the error materially prejudices the substantial rights of the accused).

Additionally, so-called “operational limitations” – what we used to call national caveats during NATO’s years in Afghanistan – similarly frustrate the effectiveness of the battlegroups. For example, in the event of a clear-cut crisis threatening allied security in Poland or the Baltic States, it’s likely the North Atlantic Council – NATO’s highest political decision-making body – would act forthrightly and provide the approval necessary for the military units of EFP-contributing states to support and operate with host nation forces. However, if the situation was ambiguous and a host nation decided to take military action absent a North Atlantic Council decision, operational limitations might prevent some contributing state forces from supporting their host nation counterparts.

Finally, it’s unclear who can order EFP units into action. Christian Louboutin Suede Bow KneeHigh Boots largest supplier online BFRYs7
that the four battlegroups are “under NATO command, through the Multinational Corps Northeast Headquarters in Szczecin, Poland.” However, I learned during my trip that EFP battlegroups are in fact embedded within host nation command and force structures, which do not fall under NATO command. This is not merely a misunderstanding over dual-hatting, something NATO militaries are used to dealing with. Rather, it reflects a potentially major disagreement over command and control, and a significant gap between what NATO is putting out publicly and the reality on the ground.

A Deeper Challenge

Beyond these operational and even tactical-level challenges associated with the EFP battlegroups, there remain far more strategic questions about what role these units play in terms of the most likely security challenges confronting the Baltic states and Poland. The battlegroups are best suited for deterring by punishment the most dangerous scenario: a Russian military incursion. However, the probability of a crisis based on an unambiguous invasion of allied territory remains low, even for the likes of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Rather, far more likely are crises that will fall below the threshold of Article 5 and the alliance’s mutual defense commitments. For instance, the Baltic states and Poland are at much greater risk from unattributable cyberattacks, especially those that strike at critical infrastructure ; ethno-political discord stemming outlet new real cheap online Gianmarco Lorenzi Eelskin Ankle Boots limited edition online OS1mdlIRp
or other minority groups; or disinformation campaigns designed to undermine Western consensus or unity. EFP battlegroups are not trained, structured, or tasked to assist with any of these or similar “ gray zone ” eventualities.

NATO’s approach to deterrence and assurance in Eastern Europe remains an evolving one – the EFP battlegroup composition, command relationships, and capabilities ought to be seen as a work in progress. Make no mistake – the battlegroups as they exist presently and despite their flaws are a necessary, important part of a dynamic approach to the defense of vital U.S. and allied interests in the region. But the central irony confronting NATO is that the EFP initiative deters a security challenge – namely, invasion of the Baltic States or Poland – that is highly unlikely to materialize. As part of a broader examination of whether NATO can really use its traditional strengths to counter unconventional Russian tactics and operations, allied leaders gathering in Brussels next month should direct their staffs to harvest the lessons learned to date, propagate them among all EFP framework countries and host nations, and begin the vital work of making the EFP initiative necessary as well as sufficient.

The basis for the Thing Description (TD) implementation is the Lanvin Platform Leather Booties cheap sale top quality free shipping latest collections store sale online buy cheap exclusive outlet pictures hZf18QLkV
W3C First Public Working Draft 14 September 2017.

The WoT Architecture is generic about the discovery mechanism, as concrete solutions have been an IG activity so far. We will continue to use the same discovery mechanisms as in previous PlugFests.

Manual discovery means that applications such as scripts for the WoT Scripting API are directly configured with the URI of the TD of the Thing to be consumed. For instance, this can be an http: URI for TD located on a Web server or a file: URI for locally stored TD (note that the WoT Runtime needs to be able to resolve file URIs).

The W3C WoT IG is providing a Thing Directory under sale best wholesale clearance looking for Hermès Canvas Ankle Strap Sandals shop offer sale online fjukdx
. Its source code is available on Giuseppe Zanotti x Thakoon Suede LaceUp Wedges where to buy perfect professional for sale outlet best wholesale b9lofm5qHr

PlugFest participants must be able to register the TDs of their Things at the Thing Directory. This can be done by the Thing implementation itself, a commissioning tool, or manually using a Web browser extension such as Postman .

An OpenAPI (Swagger) documentation of the Thing Directory can be found . A textual documentation is available .

The WoT Thing Description is the central WoT building block and must be provided if a Thing shall participate in the PlugFest. WoT Servers must provide their TD (directly or via external source such as a Web server or shared file). WoT Clients must be able to parse TDs and use the metadata correctly.

The basis for the Thing Description (TD) implementation is the Web of Things (WoT) Thing Description W3C First Public Working Draft 14 September 2017.

The sale wiki cheap best store to get Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Suede Loafers sale visit new cheap sale 2014 new tcE6sYU
of the WoT Thing Description defines a new type system that will be tested at the Burlingame PlugFest.

The values of inputData and outputData are no longer verbatim JSON Schema, but a Linked Data version of the JSON Schema definitions. Please see Section 6.5 of the Editor's Draft for details.

Simple types do not require any changes compared to previous JSON Schema.

Example 1 : Simple Type Example
Example 2 : Simple Type Sample on the Wire

Complex types now have a fields definition to avoid the naming conglict with Properties. The field element definitions are given in an array to be JSON-LD compatible.

Example 3 : Complex Type Example
Example 4 : Complex Type Sample on the Wire

The TD field security can provide access control and security configuration metadata. It is already defined as optional. In Burlingame, however, PlugFest participants are encouraged to include this field and propose their solutions for their requirements (e.g., OAuth, required proxies, etc.).

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